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Online estimating system

Information is power. Knowledgeable team members managing invaluable information are the life blood of any business. Immortalis Solutions harnesses and streamlines key functions providing transparency, control, and a desirable scalability that will grow your business as well as control risk. With Immortalis, every hour of every day becomes tangibly more productive.

Over the years, the roofing industry has used different existing technologies to varying effects. But most offices are typically traditional. Some documents still arrive by post. Documents are saved and stored in various locations. Archived files are moved to secure storage. Immortalis is disrupting this most traditional of worlds by bringing order, transparency, professionalism, and scalability to roofing contractors, consultants, suppliers and all roofing professionals.

Built in the real world of contracting, its creators have spent decades in senior positions within the industry. Living in a world of disjointed information, repeated pricing and repricing tasks, multiple team members favouring lengthy processes that only work in isolation without  any joined up approach, something more was needed to harness the complexities of contracting and roof management.

Immortalis has taken real data from 1000’s of delivered projects over decades, refining and distilling input processes and output documents that give the user unprecedented control, flexibility and cost certainty.

Immortalis has proved to increase the profitability of roofing businesses of all types. It has been clearly demonstrated that estimators can complete more tender submissions, procurement teams can buy with accuracy, site teams can understand the delivery requirements and the commercial teams have the overall visibility and functionality to protect margin.

Immortalis gives transparency from a project’s inception as a tender right through the build, invoicing and accounting function. Quantity surveyors can instantly prepare cash flow forecasts, valuations, and final accounts. As a business management tool, Immortalis puts your contracting world on a single screen, in real time, in any time zone.

As the world becomes more turbulent and unpredictable, global events soon translate to local impact on supply chains and cost certainty. Many of these factors are outside of our control. So let’s bring what we can control into the secure world of Immortalis. By garnering what we can control and influence, we reduce the impact of those factors beyond our control.

Immortalis effectively connects every function that has influence in the successful delivery of a project. The vital initial input of project data, system types, quantities, prices and technical approach forms the critical bedrock from which all stakeholders can base their success. Immortalis provides you with a homogeneous corporate approach to the industry. Your tenders, purchase orders, valuations, final accounts, schedules and bills will be uniform, perfectly formatted and professional. Your business could get an instant makeover, presenting a fresh innovative approach to your clients.

Immortalis provides the solid foundation on which to base your contracting business. Your estimating function provides the business life blood of real opportunities. With your estimating powerhouse generating more tenders in less time, of a breath-taking quality, with accuracy and speed, your project pipeline can grow exponentially.

Your estimating function is a vital but costly function. Good, effective staff can be hard to come by. If you could increase the output, along with quality and cost certainty, then you have effectively increased your functionality without adding to your personnel/headcount. Immortalis will make you money. It makes every cost line transparent and auditable in an instant. In real time you can see where the money, resources and most importantly margin lie.

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